Berlusconi’s New “Piano casa”



The Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, came out with one of his great ideas to save Italy from the economical crisis.

The new “Piano Casa” is based on the proposal coming from Veneto and Sardegna (where Cappellacci won thanks to  Berlusconi numerous visits, during the political campaign).

The “Piano casa” allows

-to increase a 20% of volume in existing buildings

-to demolish and rebuild with 30% more of volume and using sustainable criterias, if the building is more than 20 years old.

This will be applied following the regional rules, but with a really simplify bureaucracy. And somebody says there is the possibility of a Condono.(1).

Italian Architects, be prepared to sign thousands of DIA for houses extension. This is what we are going to do in the next years. What a great carreer we have chosen!

Berlusconi explained: “The aim of the plan is to give a home to the grown families, because the sons and daughters are married and they have grandchildren. They have the possibility to add a room, two rooms or a bathroom”

Is he suggesting we should go back to live with our parents in the room they could add closing the terrace?

Maybe Berlusconi doesn’t know that the 20% of 0 is….. 0!

It is really interesting the debate on Rai 3, during the program Ballarò last 10th march.

During the program the Minister Gianfranco Rotondi had some very bad moment…

You can see the program on

(1)CONDONO EDILIZIO= conditional amnesty for work done without planning permission

Silvia Polito


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