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The Promise of Touch @ Centre Pompidou, Paris

Enrique Ramos and Ciriaco Castro will present The Promise of Touch on Thursday 23rd June at Centre Pompidou in Paris.

It will be part of the Jeudis program, in collaboration with architects Miriam Dall’Igna, & Ruairi Glynn (MSc Adaptive Architecture & Computation at the Bartlett School of Architecture London), performers Jemima Yong and Sigridur Reynisdottir (Central School of Speech and Drama), movement director Nicholas Waters (CSSD) and curator Josef Kelly (Tate Liverpool).

The Promise of Touch  started as a project developed for the module “Digital Ecologies”, at the Bartlett’s AAC MSc.

The Promise of Touch

Centre Pompidou

Thursday 23rd June. From 7.30pm to 9pm


The Dalston Mill – a windmill appeared in London

Sun 2 August / 6.30pm
EXYZT in Conversation
Nicolas Henninger (EXYZT) and architect/artist Celine Condorelli will discuss ‘pirate architecture’ as the practice of occupying a site, and how the inhabitation of space is a response to existing conditions.


Yesterday we popped up at  the Dalston Mill to listen EXYZT talk. The Dalston Mill is a temporary installation designed by EXYZT and commissioned by the Barbican gallery for the exhibition Radical Nature.



It is a windmill built with rented scaffolding in an empty and hiding area in Hackney, near Dalston Junction, a close corner, far from the commercial appearance of the surrounding area.

EXYZT in collaboration with Muf architects, obtained a short period planning permission, just 4 weeks, to transform this waste ground  in a bakery laboratory and a multi-use space, with music, dance, theatre and sustainability workshops.

The fully-functioning, 16 metre mill is accompanied by a 20 metre long wheat field, which gives the site a completely distinctive touch.

The idea comes from the work of the environmental artist Agnes Denes in 1982, who planted and harvested 2 acres of wheat by the artist on a landfill in Manhattan’s financial district.


Yesterday the atmosphere in the Dalston Mill was similar to being in a Sunday countryside party, with a lot of cakes coming out from the bakery, a BBQ,  deckchairs, children running through the wheat field and a Brazilian guy playing the Berimbao. The neighbours community was completely integrate in the event, as Nicolas told during the talk. The closest  shops provided the water connection (maybe because,as Nicolas revealed, nobody in the area pays the bills) and they organized the barbecue spontaneously.


Many people during the talk asked what will happen to the site at the end of this temporary occupation, but of course there is no way to answer, probably it will return to be as it was before, an illegal scarp-yard. Nicolas explained how difficult is to keep on with this kind of installation, especially because the site belongs to three different owners and a permanent  occupation requires keepers taking care of the maintenance of the site.   



The doubt is: do we really have to wait for an art institution like the Barbican, to use an empty and wasted space like this? Could  the local council have the ability to organize something similar, in collaboration with the neighbour community?

The Dalston Mill is open to the public everyday 2-10PM until SUNDAY 9TH AUGUST 2009. On Dalston Lane, E8 3DU, LONDON.

You can find more info about the Dalston Mill in:

Celine Condorelli’s support structure website:

Silvia Polito

SANAA pavilion inauguration

Where: London – Serpentine gallery

When: 11th July 2009, 6pm

Who: Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa. Other guests: Rem Koolhas, Alejandro Zaera, a lot of crazy people and us

Dressing code: some very ridiculous elements…

Weather: heavy rain

Drinks: Whisky mixed with Appletizer



The Reactable


Last Tuesday Sergi Jorda performed with the Reactable at Dana Centre in London. The event represents such a success, that it was impossible to find any ticket  for the performance. If anyone has been lucky enough to take part at the event, please send your comments!

What is the Reactable?

The Reactable has been developed at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona by Sergi Jordà, Marcos Alonso, Martin Kaltenbrunner and Günter Geiger.

It is a  futuristic and revolutionary electronic  instrument as it creates synthesiser music in an entirely new way. The Reactable is a round translucent table with a backlit display, used in a darkened room. By placing blocks called tangibles on the table, and interfacing with the visual display via the tangibles or fingertips, a virtual modular synthetiser is operated, creating music or sound effects.

The Reactable has been presented and performed with at various festivals and conferences such as Ars Electronica and Sónar; one of the most famous performance is the Björk’s one in Glastonbury.

 For more information:

Silvia Polito

Arquitectos de España – Congreso 2009


Desde el 1 hasta el 3 de Julio,  tendrá lugar en Valencia el Congreso 2009 de Arquitectos de España. Todos los arquitectos de cierto relieve en ambito nacional se reunen en Valencia durante tres días y tendran conferencias sobre el desarrollo de la arquitectura española de los últimos años. El  congreso anterior se celebró en Barcelona en el 1996, y los sistemas, las leyes y naturalmente las situaciones laborales, han cambiado radicalmente desde entonces. Seguramente habrá espacio también para hablar de la crisis que está marcando tan negativamente el mercado inmobiliario español, en los últimos meses. Tambien tendran su importancias los debates a cerca de los problemas de la classe media de los arquitectos empleados, que en los últimos dos años han empezado a hacer oir su voz.

Dos presencias en el congreso que hay que remarcar: la de Santiago Cirugeda, arquitecto sevillano que en fin ha conseguido ser reconocido en la “plantilla” de los arquitectos de fama nacional (escribiré pronto un post sobre el), y la de nuestro compañero de blog Ciriaco Castro, que presentará una ponencia redactada por él, con titulo “Estructuras de Trabajo o el intercambio global en la Arquitectura.

 El programa puede ser descargado desde el sito web oficial:

Silvia Polito

Responsive Architecture. Parameter 00


prada transformer




a. One of a set of measurable factors  that define a system and determine its behavior .

New tools for designing is a reality used nowadays in the generation of buildings. 

Parameter OO:   

A basic Idea like a change of the shape according with the change of the  program has been shown in this project by OMA. By fliiping the pavillion, different faces lie on the ground,  the transformer can host different events such as film screenings, exhibitions or fashion shows.




X Spanish Bienal

Selected works

Jury,  first session


C Castro


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