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The Double Club – London



The Double Club is a Carsten Höller art project by Fondazione Prada.
Located in an old Victorian warehouse just beside the Angel tube station, The Double Club opened on 21 November 2008, offering a unique approach to entertainment and hospitality, as well as creating a dialogue between Congolese and Western contemporary music, lifestyle, arts and design.
Open for a limited duration of 6 months, The Double Club is not only a vibrant new public space in London but also an alliance of two cultures in real life that facilitates the cross-pollination without any attempt of fusion.

The Double Club consists of three spaces: Bar, Restaurant and Dance Club. Each space is divided into equally sized Western and Congolese parts on a decorative and functional level, generating an inspiring perspective on double identity as well as on cultural coexistence.
The different sections have been conceived and designed to represent the most challenging elements of both cultures, encompassing music, food and visual aesthetics.
The project, which is fundamentally experimental in character and with 50% of the profit donated to City of Joy/UNICEF, challenges the artistic content and its positive contribution to the understanding and dialogue with contemporary expressions of African culture, which is of critical relevance in this moment.

7 Torrens Street
London EC1V 1NQ

+44 207 837 2222



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