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4th Prize. International Competition Monumento Bicentenario Cortes Cadiz (Spain)

ESCEduardo Mayoral won the 4th Prize in this International Competition in Cadiz (Spain)

The aim of the proposal is to generate a visible element from the sea and city interior , improve the quality of the existing public space and reveal key information about 1812 Constitution and Cadiz Cortes.

We substitute the existing pavement in Plaza de España with a recycled material with a lighting system , conforming texts, that shows information about Cadiz history.

This text is connected by illuminated lines according to their subject. In addition to this surface we propose a beam of light, as a new landmark, a new gate of the city, having a visual presence from the railway station, from the sea, and from the urban fabric. A number of facilities are also provided as a wi-fi connection point. Information and freedom, elements that commemorate the constitutional values of 1812 and project Cadiz to the future.

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