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Processing Experiments

noisedgrid Processing has had a big impact on the creative industry, as it has reduced the chasm between designers/artists and software developers by simplifying the implementation of graphic applications in Java. There is no gap between the creative and technical minds when it comes to processing, linecloudnothing is lost in translation between the concept and its implementation, as there is no “behind the scenes” anymore. The guts of the project, its code, is shared with the public, and the simple beauty of the sketch becomes part of the attractiveness of the work.

Artists, designers and architects are starting to perlincloudrealise that the possibilities that computational logic offer to the creative process remain largely unexplored, and not only in what concerns the process, the automatisation of tasks, but in so far as it can affect and enrich the conceptual approach to design.

The three sketches attached are part of a series of processing experiments on Perlin noise. The pseudo-random appearance of these patterns makes us perceive them as natural phenomena, as the changing in cloud patterns or the movement of insects.

Click on the images to view the sketches and source code.




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