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Gantz Graf

“The music video for “Gantz Graf” reached a cult status in underground computer-generated imagery art circles. The video features an abstract object (or an agglomeration of objects) synchronized to the sounds in the music as it morphs, pulsates, shakes, and finally dissolves. The visuals contain the same amount of richness and detail as the soundtrack does, having a visual counterpart to every little sound or frequency range in the song. Alex Rutterford (who had previously created an unofficial video for the Tri Repetae track “Eutow” as part of the Channel 4 music programme Lo-Fi in 2001) claims the idea for the “Gantz Graf” video came during one of his LSD trips.”

From Wikipedia: Gantz Graf



Improvisation on a digital space

IDS_ArduinoCode-generated space makes possible to define architectures whose configuration can be controlled by all sort  of parameters such as pressure, sound and lighting levels. In this video, a performer interacts with the space through light sensors and resistors making it evolve with the music in real time.
This project has been developed with Processing, and Arduino, being the first used for the visualisations and the latter for the physical interface.

See the complete performance here


Elizabeth Gilbert – On Genius (TED, Long Beach 2009)

Author of best seller Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about creativity, success, and what we have come to call “genius” in our elizabethgmodern, humanistic, rational world, and the consequences that brings upon those who are blessed/cursed with such a name. Not only a very intelligent talk, but a beautiful example of deep thought expressed in a casual, funny style we would expect to find amongst stand up comedians rather than writers.

Everybody involved in any kind of creative process should listen carefully to this talk, as one day it could be important for them not to start “drinking gin at 9 in the morning”.



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